Tech 101: What to do when your computer freezes

Pop quiz: How often do you need to restart your computer for best performance?  Here’s a hint. If you only do it when your machine crashes or needs to update, that’s not enough. Tap or click for my recommendation for keeping your

Geminid meteor shower: What to know

Sky-gazers around most of the world will be able to glimpse the Geminid meteor shower this week. The Geminids, which appear to radiate from a point in the constellation Gemini, are currently active until Dec. 17 and peaked Tuesday morning, according to

NASA to launch latest mission to test laser communication in space

NASA’s next laser communications mission will launch early Sunday morning.  The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will lift off on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket during a two-hour window scheduled from 4:04 to 6:04 a.m. EST from Cape Canaveral Space

Fossils reveal a new dinosaur species that was the size of dogs

Fossils found in Chile are from a strange-looking dog-sized dinosaur species that had a unique slashing tail weapon, scientists reported Wednesday.  Some dinosaurs had spiked tails they could use as stabbing weapons and others had tails with clubs. The new species, described

NASA delays spacewalk following space debris alert

A scheduled spacewalk by NASA astronauts was postponed after the agency received a debris warning for the International Space Station (ISS).  In a statement, NASA wrote that the notification of debris was received on Monday evening. NASA LAUNCHES SPACECRAFT TO CRASH INTO

NASA launches spacecraft to crash into asteroid

NASA launched a spacecraft Tuesday night on a mission to smash into an asteroid and test whether it would be possible to knock a speeding space rock off course if one were to threaten Earth.  The DART spacecraft, short for Double Asteroid

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