Why a trip to the barber might help if you're feeling low

As many people struggle to get a face-to-face appointment with their GP, could some get the care they need instead at the local shopping centre, football stadium or music festival? Health Secretary Sajid Javid recently announced 40 new medical diagnostic centres, based in

The antibiotic jab that can ease back pain

An injection of acne-fighting antibiotics could revolutionise the treatment of back pain. Doctors in the UK are testing whether a one-off jab of a new drug known as PP353 can ease — and even cure — the chronic lower back pain that

UK's Covid cases RISE for first time in nine days to 40,077

Covid cases have risen for the first time in nine days after figures were skewed last Monday when no figures were posted for Wales, while hospitalisations and deaths plateaued. The Department of Health’s daily update showed there were 40,077 positive tests across