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Carole Malone erupts at 'doom-monger' Dr Sarah Jarvis in heated England reopening clash


Appearing on Jeremy Vine on Tuesday, Daily Express columnist Carole Malone erupted at panellist Dr Sarah Jarvis branding her a “doom-monger” for spreading worry about Covid as pubs across England re-open. During a discussion on whether all pubs should reopen fully, Ms Malone launched into a stinging rebuttal of the behaviour of Chris Whitty and SAGE members who have worried the public that the hospitality sector is guilty of spreading the virus despite figures from Public Health England dismissing this claim. She went on to say Britons “have to step out there at some point” and demanded the full re-opening of the country.

The Express columnist said: “In October, Chris Whitty actually said the hospitality industry was one of the biggest spreaders of the virus.

“It’s actually not true! And that’s a fact that is contradicted by figures from Public Health England.”

She explained how the data from Public Health England indicated how pubs and food outlets “were not the biggest carriers of the disease.”

Ms Malone furiously added: “Educational settings were and workplaces and care homes!”

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Ms Malone went on to take aim at panellist Dr Sarah Jarvis saying: “You know Sarah is never going to say it’s ok for us all to be out there.”

She added: “Because she is of the same mindset as the doom-mongers on SAGE and people like Chris Whitty.

“The evidence is there, the virus is 97 percent reduction in falling cases, our hospitals have got so few covid people in there now it’s not funny. 

She furiously concluded how Brits “have to step out there at some point” adding “we have to start living again!”

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As of Monday, pubs with outdoor spaces, hairdressers and gyms have now reopened across England.

The limit on tables is six people (which could all be from different households), or a table made up of no more than two households (this could be 10 or more people providing they are two households only).

Requirements for social contact in indoor settings will continue.

But there won’t be any need for vaccine passports when visiting venues


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