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'Can feel breathing down your neck' GMB guest in fierce row on 'panting, spewing' runners


Professor Greenhalgh joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain to blast runners who do not keep a safe distance from others when exercising outside. She insisted the behaviour of some joggers was a “danger” to others when going for a run due to the way Covid transmits. In a fiery rant, Professor Greenhalgh spoke of her discomfort at being able to feel the heavy breathing of runners as they approached. 

The health expert told the GMB panel: “The puffing and panting jogger, you can feel their breath come.

“You can sometimes actually feel yourself inhale it.

“So there is no doubt there is in fact a danger there.”

She also stressed the importance of wet masks should be washed straight away to kill off germs.

Professor Greenhalgh said: “For goodness sake I have been for a run this morning,

“Not only did I put my t-shirt in the wash but I put my mash in the wash as well.

“So the fact that they get contaminated is not a reason for not wearing them.

“It not that you’re going to do anything with that mask apart  from wash it.”

Meanwhile his co-host Susanna Reid asked guest Professor Devi Sridhar: “When we do walk past someone who is huffing and puffing in our face, how likely are we to pick up a case of Covid?”

Professor Sridhar replied that spread depends on how close they are and how heavily there are breathing.

She says we need some “consideration for each other.”

The debate comes following news on Sunday that six cases of the Brazil Covid variant, which was first detected in the Brazilian city of Manaus, had entered the UK.


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