Can eating strawberries really whiten your teeth?

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Fresh strawberries in wooden boxes, ready for sale.

I’ve spent plenty on whitening strips and toothpastes over the years in hopes of erasing coffee stains and the like from my teeth.

But I’ve heard that strawberries can be a natural remedy for teeth whitening. I don’t remember where exactly I heard the claim, but it’s been taking up space in my brain for years.

Bloggers and vloggers tout the theory with tests and other content. YouTuber “Ellko,” made a video testing the “Pinterest beauty hack” in 2016 that has garnered upwards of 229,000 views.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I thought so, but that didn’t stop me from upping my strawberry intake (any excuse to eat more berries, honestly). From what I’d heard, I assumed eating strawberries was the trick. But some sites actually recommended using strawberries to make a whitening paste with baking soda, claiming the berry’s malic acid was a natural remedy. 

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