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'Brexit not done' Nandy demands new security deal with EU to tackle Russian 'threat'


Labour’s Shadow Secretary Lisa Nandy argued that Brexit was not yet over and still a topic worth talking about. While speaking on Good Morning Britain she insisted the UK would need allies and friends to fight against Russia. She insisted Boris Johnson must look at working closely with the European Union to ensure we are safe from both traditional and non-traditional forms of warfare from Russia.

Ms Nandy said: “I felt very much that once we had the referendum we needed to pull together as a country and move forwards.

“I think it is important to acknowledge that did cost us support in towns like mine in Wiggan and across the so-called Red Wall areas.

“I also think it is true to say that Brexit is not actually done.

“We are still talking about it in national politics, we are still talking about it now, businesses are still raising concerns about the impact that a very thin deal is having on them.

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“What we really want to see is the Government on the front foot.”

Ms Nandy highlighted two areas where she believed Brexit Britain should focus its attention on going forwards.

She said: “They need to be saying to the European Commission that they are getting it wrong over vaccines because they absolutely are.

“But also looking at areas where we should be working together particularly, as I will outline today in my speech, in relation to Russia.

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has repeatedly warned the Government of the international threats from China and Russia.

Following news of a reduction to some of Britain’s armed forced he reiterated the importance of Britain’s ability to defend against conventional warfare.

He said: “This huge tilt towards electronic and cyber warfare is clearly at the expense of our conventional capabilities and the loss of tanks, armoured vehicles, F-25s, C-130s and frigates will lead to a shocking blow for our defence posture and damage our global status as a force for good.

“Much as we need to adapt to new threats, that does not mean old threats have disappeared.”


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