Boiler warning: The one thing you should 'NEVER try' if your gas boiler breaks down

Ms Pani said: “It’s worthwhile having all the information ready for when they get there, such as the model and make of the boiler- and if they think you can fix the problem yourself via a helpful phone call, then you may be instructed on how to do so.”

In the event an engineer has to make a visit to your home, being certain of their certification is important – especially if you have rung someone who is not specified on your boiler warranty.

Ms Pani said: “Don’t be shy to ask them for their identification

card so they can validate their position.”

If your boiler is under warranty, then you should get it fixed free

of charge, according to Ms Pani.

However, she added: “If the boiler needs to be replaced, contact the manufacturer and they should send a service engineer to your home.”

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