Bodies unearthed from graves in Florida’s Oakland Cemetery during Hurricane Ian

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Flooding from Hurricane Ian caused a horrific scene at a cemetery near Orlando where human remains were exposed amid pooling water.

One casket at Oakland Cemetery in Oakland floated to ground level and was broken open by a fallen tree, exposing the body inside, Fox video shows.

Bodies exposed at Florida cemetery
Hurricane Ian exposed human remains at Oakland Cemetery near Orlando.

The footage shows several felled trees throughout the property that was covered in floodwaters.

Oakland is less than 20 miles from Orlando, which is experiencing “historic flooding,” officials say.

People rushed to the graveyard Thursday in hopes their loved ones weren’t washed away by Hurricane Ian.

Bodies exposed at Florida cemetery
The graveyard was filled with broken caskets, fallen trees and flooding.
Bodies exposed at Florida cemetery
A local man with family in the cemetery said he couldn’t believe the gruesome scene.

“Right now, it’s a lot. It’s kinda hard to really believe,” said one man. He had rushed to the scene to make sure his grandmother, who was only buried last Tuesday, hadn’t been one of those washed away.

The unidentified man said his uncle was supposed to be buried at the cemetery Saturday but doesn’t foresee the service happening anytime soon considering the floods.

“I was born and raised in Oakland and unfortunately this is happening,” the man said.

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