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Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco admits cast thought season 13 would air before cancellation


CBS’s internationally successful sitcom The Big Bang Theory came to an end with its 12th season back in 2019 following the departure of Jim Parsons. However, Kaley Cuoco recently admitted on The One Show that most of the ensemble cast believed they’d be back for another instalment of geeky high jinks.

Sitcom star Kaley Cuoco has confirmed she initially thought she would reprise her role as Penny for a 13th season of The Big Bang Theory.

Millions of viewers tuned in to watch the 12th and final season back in 2019 before the geeky comedy came to an emotional end.

It has since been reported that series lead Jim Parsons ultimately ended the series as he decided to depart the role of Sheldon Cooper.

However, Cuoco appeared on The One Show on Wednesday, March 3 and claimed the entire cast reached the verdict together.

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Alex’s co-host Jermaine Jenas then asked if Kaley Cuoco was feeling the pressure after putting over a decade on the world’s most popular comedy behind her.

She explained: “When I started freaking out about the comparisons there would be or what my next project would be, I realised you can’t compare anything to Big Bang.

“It’s its own entity, I’ll never have that again. I’ll never have the cast again, the money, the schedule. 12 years; I mean all of it was insane.

“I knew my next project was gonna be for me and I was gonna leave that in its own place.”

Of course, the show’s legacy is far from over, as the adventures of Sheldon Cooper continue in CBS’s popular prequel series, Young Sheldon.

Cuoco is currently promoting the UK release of The Flight Attendant, her first live action drama project since Big Bang which released on HBO Max last year with considerable fanfare.

She will also be lending her voice to the iconic role of Harley Quinn once again in the upcoming third season of the DC villain’s animated series.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.


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