BBC gardener Mark Lane details big peony mistake to avoid – get ‘more and bigger flowers’

Gorgeous pink peonies brighten up any garden and home. Now is an excellent time to plant peonies to enjoy.

Peonies are best planted in full sun, as long as your garden does not get too hot.

Try to plant them where they will be sheltered from frost.

Peonies like moist but well-drained soil.

But, peonies aren’t the only gorgeous blooms gardeners can plant this time of year.

Mark also recently shared his DIY leaf mould remedy to kill weeds and feed plants. 

Mulch is a thick substance made of broken-down organic material, such as leaf mould.

The mulch itself also feeds the soil, improving the quality of the soil and then the plants.

It also blocks light to the weeds, killing them and allowing them to spread their beneficial nutrients into the soil.

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