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Bargain Hunt’s Charlie Ross stunned over value of executioner’s diary worth thousands


In a recent episode of BBC programme Bargain Hunt, auctioneer Charlie Ross went to Newark in Nottinghamshire where he learned all about the value of police memorabilia. During his search, he spoke with fellow expert Charlie Ross who showed him various items that police officers would have used in the 1960s. The items included police helmets, truncheons, whistles and handcuffs. However, it was one item in particular that really piqued Charlie’s interest.

Charlie began by asking Nick what sparked his interest in police collectables.

“It’s two-fold really,” Nick explained. “My uncle, he is retired now but he was a serving police officer in the Nottingham City Police Force.

“I remember as a child being fascinated by the uniform, the kit and the things that he had and now, of course, collectables is my line of business.

“I see this type of thing showing up to the auction fairly regularly.”

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Moving on to the police truncheons, Nick said: “These things were hand-painted, the gilding is exquisite. Of course, you can collect them badge by badge, region by region and city by city.

“These things can fetch at a low end £50 to £100 but for a really beautiful hand-painted one you can talk hundreds of pounds.”

After discussing police lamps, Charlie asked Nick what the most intriguing piece of police memorabilia he has ever come across.

He said the most unusual thing that he had ever sold at auction was Britain’s last executioner, Harry Allen’s notebook.

Harry Allen was chief executioner at 41 executions and acted as an assistant executioner at 53 others at various prisons in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.



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