Back pain exercise to soothe 'sore lower back, tight upper back and a stiff neck'

Back pain is distracting and uncomfortable, often ruining sleep and interfering with work and leisure. There are ways to combat back pain with posture-enhancing exercise.

Back pain exercise

Hollie recommended spine lengtheners, an exercise to target the upper back extensors and help you sit straighter.

Hollie said: “Lie flat on your front, with your feet hip-width apart, your hands under your forehead like a pillow, and your pubic bone gently pressing into the floor to help keep your lower back neutral.

“Breathe in and activate your abdominals and on the exhale gently lift your hands, head, and chest away from the floor until your body is in a long low line.

“Inhale to stay here and exhale to slowly come down with control.

“You are not aiming to come up to a height that resembles a backbend, and your legs should not lift off the floor – you are aiming for a long, straight line with your spine.”

Hollie has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, starting at a pilates studio as a receptionist and falling in love with exercise

She trained as an instructor herself and now owns her own studios as well as teaches at hotels around the world.

Hollie devised the Pilates PT Method Online, which enables anyone to access her expertise.

The eight-week plan involves six personalised videos, a starter back including two books, a resistance band, fragrances and more, and online support.

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