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Amazon scam: Britons warned about dangerous scam phone call – ‘keep your wits about you!’


Amazon is used by many UK shoppers, with research showing some 15million people across the country are signed up to the company’s paid subscription service, Amazon Prime. The net for this scam, then, has been cast wide with many Britons having the potential to fall victim to the most recent scam correspondence. This new and dangerous scam relates to Amazon Prime, and tells Britons a sum of money has been charged out of their account. 

The caller then informs the unsuspecting person this may be fraud, and that they will need to “press one” if they wish to cancel the payment.

However, no such transaction has occurred, and this has been uncovered as a frightening scam targeting people right across the country. 

If a person follows through with this action, it is likely they will be asked to provide their personal details, such as credit card information or Amazon account log-in details.

This, understandably, could be very devastating for those who fall prey to it, as these details could be used to commit identity fraud and for other nefarious purposes. 

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A second person wrote: “Please just put the phone down, they cannot take the money from your account unless you give them permission.

“Do not press anything, never ever give anyone your account number, or the numbers on the back of your card.

“Call Amazon and report it, it is a scam!”

A third person stated: “This has happened to me three times. And they use the actual Amazon customer service phone number.

“So I did not speak with anyone on the call I received, but called Amazon back and they said it was a scam.”

Another worried person said: “My mum is 92 and has been getting scam calls all week, including ones saying they are from Amazon.

“I just keep telling her to not answer the phone. The woman doesn’t have a computer or an Amazon account. Thankfully, she hasn’t given anyone any information.”

And one person warned: “I instantly hung up and went straight to Amazon from my account. It was a scam call. Have your wits about you, people.”

In the effort to help worried customers, the genuine Amazon has provided help on how to check a call is from the official source.

The company has said it will never ask for payment or offer someone a refund they do not expect.

It will never ask a person to make a payment outside of the website, for example, via bank transfer, emailing credit card details or sharing gift card details over the phone.

Finally, Amazon will never ask individuals for remote access to their device, for example, by installing an app.

It left customers with this warning: “Please do not share any personal information, and disconnect the call immediately.”

Amazon has urged Britons who do come into contact with a scam call of this kind to report it immediately to Action Fraud, the national cybercrime and fraud reporting service.

People may also wish to secure their Amazon account for peace of mind, for instance, by changing their password. 


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