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Amazon scam: Britons attacked by ‘Prime renewal’ phone call – ‘watch out!’


Amazon is used by millions of Britons, and the service has been particularly relied upon due to ‘stay at home’ rules enacted because of the pandemic. However, with more people spending significant time at home, cybercriminals are seeking to take advantage. A scam call has told Amazon customers their Prime account – a subscription-based service – has been renewed, resulting in a charge of £79.99.

One said: “Watch out for scam calls pretending to be from Amazon. Just a scam.

“Cannot imagine any reason why the real one would call as it has my email, but not my phone number.”

A second person stated: “Another scam is Amazon Prime renewal for £79.99. I’ve had five calls today and four yesterday on my home phone.”

A third person warned: “Warning, I just got a new kind of scam phone call, a recording saying it was Amazon and to press one to speak with a representative.

“Then being told ‘sorry, you will need to pay back £450’ and then the penny dropped. No record of the activity this morning.”

Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting service for the UK, has previously warned Britons of scams which relate to Amazon Prime. 

Individuals have been reminded they should never install any software as a result of a cold call, or follow through on a suspicious sounding call.

Pauline Smith, head of the organisation, stated: “If you’ve received an unexpected phone call, stop and take a minute to think about whether an organisation would get in touch with you out of the blue in this way.

“Instead, contact them directly using a known email or phone number.”

Britons who do feel they may have had a close brush with, or fallen victim to, a scam are encouraged to report the matter to Action Fraud. 

In addition, individuals can also speak to their telephone company about the matter. 


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