Alleged satanic cult killer Ethan Myers arrested after chilling ‘human sacrifice’

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Three people believed to be satanic cult members have been arrested for the gruesome alleged murder of a woman as part of a “human sacrifice”.

Sarah Hopson was found brutally slain at her mobile home in Texas, USA, last Sunday during a welfare check, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

The 36-year-old had allegedly been bashed in the head with a rock, while her fingers, toes and ears had been cut off and placed in a plastic bag.

She had large wounds to the right side of her head and forehead, while her lifeless body was reportedly wrapped up in a carpet.

Allen Price was also arrested in relation to the murder.
Allen Price told police that Ethan Myers had been involved in “cult activity.”
Shelby Country Sheriff’s Office

Police arrested Ethan Kyle Myers, 26, on Thursday, after two people – who were also arrested in connection to the murder – asked police to check on the woman.

The pair, Allen Price and Teresa Louviere, reportedly told officers that “Ethan Myers had done something to Sarah Hopson”.

They allegedly told officers that he was staying in their home and had been “acting strange” before fleeing their house covered in blood.

Mr. Price reportedly also told police that Ethan had been involved in “cult activity”.

This claim was also backed up by Ethan’s mother, who allegedly revealed to officers that her son was “hearing voices” and was “satanic” and that he was hiding out in the woods to avoid being arrested.

Teresa Louviere along with Allen asked police to perform a welfare check on the deceased woman.
Teresa Louviere is being held on a $250,000 bond for tampering with and fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse.
Shelby Country Sheriff’s Office

It is not clear how Ethan Myers and Sarah Hopson knew each other.

Deputies found used towels, wash rags, empty cleaning product containers and a pair of jeans with Ethan’s ID card in the pocket, according to the affidavit cited by CBS 19.

They also noted that the bedroom appeared to be freshly painted and spotted a razor knife, several wrenches on a chest of drawers, paint brushes and paint cans, and a bag with paint and cleaning supplies.

While searching Ethan’s car, investigators found the following items: a shovel, several plastic bags, a gallon of gasoline, a hammer, tire tool and a large rock in a trash bag smelling like gasoline.

They also noted that the tip of the rock matched Sarah’s head wounds, the document read.

When using a tool that indicates the presence of blood – even after it had been wiped away – investigators saw large portions of the bedroom had blood splatter.

There were also handprints on the freshly painted door and droplets on the dresser that appeared to be consistent with blood spatter.

The walls also showed “wiping marks” of someone trying to clean the walls, the affidavit stated.

According to jail records, Allen Price and Teresa Louviere were charged with tampering with and fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse, and are both being held on $250,000 bond.

Ethan Myers was charged with murder and evading arrest, and is being held at the Shelby County Jail on $1.25 million bond.

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