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Alison Steadman: Gavin and Stacey actress says 'I still cry for my parents' once a week


BBC Gavin and Stacey star Alison Steadman, 74, has admitted that she cries for her parents once a week, because she misses them “terribly”. The award-winning actress reminisced about her childhood growing up in Anfield, Liverpool, and spoke about how she has been feeling after being parted from family during the coronavirus pandemic.

The award-winning actress opened up in a candid chat about how she has been coping with national lockdown restrictions.

She revealed: “I still cry for my parents because I miss them terribly, particularly when I’ve been feeling down during these lockdowns.

“Then I perk myself up and I’m fine, but it happens at least once a week.”

The Life actress also opened up on not seeing her children for over six months.

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Last month Alison spoke to Express.co.uk about not wanting to “get near” her Skeletons In The Cupboard co-stars, while recording the BBC series during the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress revealed her colleagues maintained social distancing throughout the production, in order to create a safe working environment and were subjected to rigorous testing.

Alison said: “They [BBC producers] have been very cautious, we have had COVID tests, wearing masks… except when you were actually acting.

She continued: “You felt safe, you had your own sort of area, particularly doing radio because you do tend to raise your voice, you have to open your mouth wide, laugh and shout.


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