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Alison Hammond sparks anger with tweet questioning why lockdown isn't over 'Delete this!'


This Morning host Alison Hammond asked a “genuine question” on social media today, which had seemingly been puzzling her about lockdown. The 46-year-old presenter was inundated with replies, however one person was less than impressed with her remark.

“Genuine question!! If all the old and vulnerable have been vaccinated why are we still in lockdown?

“Am I missing something?” Alison initially asked her 349,300 Twitter followers.

“Really disappointing seeing someone so prominent asking such a question,” the user responded.

“If only the elderly and vulnerable were getting sick/dying the entire WORLD wouldn’t be on lockdown. They are priority but younger ppl with no underlying conditions are still getting extremely sick/dying,”(sic) they hit out.

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Others followed suit in hitting out at Alison for her post, with one questioning: “Is this really a serious question?

“You believe everyone who’s vulnerable have had their vaccines? Both of them? I’m glad you think only these people can be affected by Covid! I’d delete if I were you.”

Another user wrote online. “Because it’s not just the old and vulnerable who get sick and die from Covid.”

Some went on to answer Alison’s question in more detail, including her ITV co-star, and supported her for asking for about the situaion.

Doctor Ranj Singh, who regularly appears on This Morning, took to the comments section of her post.

“Lots of reasons – we need as many people to be vaccinated as possible for maximum protection (including for old people), and we have to stay in lockdown until numbers are down significantly,” he explained.

Another person added: “They’ve only had 1 of the 2 jabs so not fully vaccinated yet!”

“I totally forgot about the 2nd jab,” the mum-of-one admitted.

Sharing a similar sentiment, another user wrote: “Everyone needs a second dose, which occurs within 12 weeks of getting the first.

“This boosts immunity up to 85 per cent (and maybe more in some cases) – I think immunity is around 50 per cent before that…”

“Makes sense!!” Alison replied, while sharing the tweet online.

“Keep questioning lovely,” another user told the ITV presenter.


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