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A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman 'emotional' after inspiring house hunter's weight loss


A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman, 45, revealed on her Instagram stories that she was feeling “emotional” after learning of one couples weight loss. Just days ago the TV presenter took to social media where she broke down moments before a photoshoot after worrying about how she would look in the pictures.

The property expert announced on her Instagram stories: “”Hi guys, about two weeks ago I saw an episode of mine of A Place In The Sun on Channel 4 and as I was watching it I was criticising myself now saying, ‘Oh look at me then, I look so slim, blah blah blah.’

“It really got to me and it really triggered me and I posted on Instagram about my lockdown weight gain.”

She continued: “A lot of people have contacted me about it and said that they relate to it and all of that support I really appreciate.”

Weeks ago, Jasmine also documented herself becoming emotional in a candid video where she opened up on the struggles of her weight.

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Jasmine continued: “I just thought you’ve been through so much, she is a cancer survivor, you really deserve this and I want to do my best to help you find this holiday home that will enhance your life and make you happy.

“I just want to say that I’m so inspired and so proud of you that you two deserve every happiness in life and I hope that we get to catch up again soon.”

The property guru went on to say that should take her “own advice” on the subject of weight loss.

She admitted: “But regardless of our size it doesn’t matter and I know I should take my own advice on this.

“It’s really hard but as long as we are happy, healthy and we are doing our best, which lets be honest our best at the moment might not be that much, mine isn’t, that’s all that matters.

“How wonderful that Paul and Lisa have been on this journey together and I for one would like to congratulate them.”

In the frank video, Jasmine posted a week ago while on the way to a photoshoot, she said: “It’s really hard to be confident when you’ve got this voice in your head saying, ‘You’re too fat, you’re going to look fat in the photos.

“None of the clothes that the stylist has brought will fit you.'”

She added: “It’s absolutely ridiculous but that is because I just don’t feel like me at the moment.”

The TV presenter ended the video by reassuring her fans that if they’re feeling the same they’ll “be OK”.


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